Judge Throws Out Student’s Lawsuit Against Northwestern in Case Alleging Sexual Assault

A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit against Northwestern University filed by a student who alleged that the university had mishandled her sexual-assault complaint against a professor, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The student had contended that Northwestern violated federal law by failing to follow up sufficiently on her complaint against Peter Ludlow, a professor of philosophy, and by failing to provide her with appropriate support and a safe learning environment. But Thursday’s ruling, by Judge Harry D. Leinenweber of the U.S. District Court in Chicago, found that Northwestern had fully investigated the complaint and had taken “timely, reasonable, and successful measures” to stop any further harassment.

Mr. Ludlow has denied that he harassed or assaulted the student. He has filed a federal lawsuit against Northwestern, alleging that it had botched its investigation into the student’s claims. He has also filed a lawsuit in a state court against the student, alleging defamation.

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