Lawsuit Accuses La Sierra U. of Coercing Resignations in Tape Scandal

La Sierra University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution in Riverside, Calif., is being sued by two administrators and a faculty member who resigned last month following the circulation of an accidentally recorded conversation among them that disparaged university and church officials, used foul language, and talked of alcohol consumption, reports The Press-Enterprise, a local newspaper. The lawsuit, filed Thursday, accuses the chairman of the university’s Board of Trustees, Ricardo Graham, of illegally coercing the three into quitting, the paper says. The lawsuit cites a July letter from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the university’s regional accreditor, warning that it had violated the association’s rule against letting outside groups dictate college policies if Mr. Graham, who is also president of the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, was acting in his capacity as a church official in urging the three to leave.

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