Legal Fight Over U. of Kansas Lecturer’s Records Is Settled

A legal dispute over a University of Kansas student’s effort to obtain the records of a lecturer who previously worked for the conservative Koch brothers has been settled, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

The lecturer, Arthur Hall, is director for the university’s Center for Applied Economics. He had previously served as chief economist of the public-sector group of Koch Industries Inc. Schuyler Kraus, who is president of a campus group called Students for a Sustainable Future, had submitted open-records requests for Mr. Hall’s correspondence, in an attempt to prove that the conservative activists Charles and David Koch were improperly influencing the university.

A settlement agreement signed by the university, Ms. Kraus, and Mr. Hall says the university will release certain documents related to the student group’s open-records request, including correspondence between Mr. Hall and other parties identified in the request that discuss the Center for Applied Economics’ use of funds provided by those parties. Mr. Hall will also “obtain and produce the original funding agreement related to the establishment of the KU Center for Applied Economics,” it states. The documents will not include correspondence to or from two other faculty members named in the request.

In a statement released by the university, Mr. Hall said the settlement showed that it was possible “to provide transparency in funding while respecting academic freedom.”

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