Logan U., a Chiropractic College in Mo., Feuds With Alumni Association

Logan University, a nonprofit chiropractic college in Chesterfield, Mo., is at odds with its alumni association in a dispute that has seen the association’s removal from the campus, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Tensions had been building between the association and the college’s Board of Trustees for years, and they intensified around 2009, the association’s alumni director told the newspaper. Alumni leaders had grown concerned about personnel decisions made by the college’s former president, George A. Goodman, who also drew scrutiny for his high pay and the salaries of family members who worked at the institution. Mr. Goodman is pursuing legal action related to his firing this year, which came shortly before his planned retirement.

J. Clay McDonald, the college’s current president, told the newspaper that the institution’s relationship with the association had “degenerated over the years.” He said the institution had decided to stop allowing the association to use rent-free space on the campus, and noted it had paid for the group to move.

The association, meanwhile, is asking for donations to pay for an expected legal fight against the university, according to the newspaper.

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