Louisville Board Still Hasn’t Accepted Its President’s Resignation

The University of Louisville’s Board of Trustees postponed a meeting on Tuesday at which it was slated to consider the resignation of James R. Ramsey, the university’s embattled president, The Courier-Journal reports. The meeting will now take place on Wednesday afternoon.

Kentucky’s governor, Matt Bevin, announced last month that Mr. Ramsey would step down and that the entire Board of Trustees would be dissolved and replaced with a new board. That new, 13-member board is expected to accept Mr. Ramsey’s resignation. Ten of the 13 members were appointed by Governor Bevin, a Republican.

But the board stands on uncertain legal ground. The state’s attorney general, Andy Beshear, a Democrat, has sued the governor, asserting that he lacked the authority to dissolve Louisville’s board and convene a completely new one.

The board’s chairman pro tem, Ulysses Bridgeman, told the newspaper that the meeting to consider Mr. Ramsey’s resignation would be held on Wednesday. He attributed the delay to scheduling conflicts.

Mr. Ramsey had notified the board in a brief letter in June that he intended to resign. His leadership had in recent months been marred by a host of scandals.

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