Many People Still Hate the New U. of California Logo

A petition attacking the new University of California logo has 50,263 supporters and counting.

After introducing the logo as part of a statewide “Onward California” marketing effort, administrators have been inundated with calls and e-mails from students, staff, and alumni who want to drop the logo. On the petition, at, they’ve variously described the logo as “so corporate, and … CHEAP,” “something found in the toddler section of Toys R Us,” and “tacky and juvenile.”

Others have expressed discontent through art, by uploading images to the UCBMemeBase Facebook page. One places the gold California “C” in a provocative place:

One of the most striking images juxtaposes the old UC seal and the new logo with the infamous ruining of a 19th-century Spanish fresco, “Ecce Homo,” which an elderly woman had attempted to restore with bizarre results:

University officials say that the new logo was vetted before being released and that it does not replace the old seal, which is still used on official documents. Unfortunately, the officials say, the old seal just didn’t reproduce well enough on smartphones.

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