Marygrove College to Eliminate All Undergraduate Programs

Experiencing enrollment and financial problems like other liberal-arts colleges across the country, Marygrove College announced on Wednesday that it would discard all of its undergraduate programs this winter, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“Vigorous marketing and recruitment efforts have failed to provide sufficient revenue from our undergraduate programs to continue operations as usual,” the Michigan college’s president, Elizabeth A. Burns, said in a news release. To keep the institution viable, Marygrove’s Board of Trustees decided that the college would focus on maintaining its graduate programs, according to the release.

Enrollment at Marygrove, which stood at 1,850 graduate and undergraduate students in 2013, fell to 966 by the fall of 2016.

Marygrove said it had notified new and returning students of the plan, and would work with undergraduates registered for the fall to transfer to other colleges.

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