Melissa Click Finds a New Job, at Gonzaga U.

Melissa Click, the assistant professor of communication who drew outrage last fall for her role in a protest at the University of Missouri at Columbia, and who was subsequently fired, has a new job.

Ms. Click is now listed as a lecturer on the website of the communication-studies program at Gonzaga University, a Roman Catholic institution in Spokane, Wash.

On the Missouri campus last November, Ms. Click was videotaped attempting to block a student journalist from filming anti-racism protesters, and calling for “some muscle” to get rid of him. She immediately was the target of a storm of criticism, even though she quickly apologized for her actions.

After an investigation of her behavior, and under pressure from state legislators, the university’s governing board dismissed her in February. The American Association of University Professors later criticized and censured the university for that decision.

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