Michigan Law Dean Recruits ‘West Wing’ Crew for Campaign Ad

This walk-and-talk wasn’t written by Aaron Sorkin.

The Atlantic Wire reports that a small West Wing reunion was instigated by Mary Catherine McCormack, who played Kate Harper on West Wing and whose sister is running for the Michigan Supreme Court.

The candidate, Bridget McCormack, is an associate dean at the University of Michigan’s law school, and she manages to fit allusions to her credentials in with some public service. The same ad also highlights voter confusion in states with nonpartisan ballot sections.

Bridget McCormack isn’t the only one in the spotlight: Mary McCormack plugs herself as whip-smart, “possibly even hot,” and Bradley Whitford gets to be a “movie-star Louis C.K.”

The Atlantic writes, “How [Mary] managed to convince all of her former co-workers to fly to Ann Arbor and reprise their roles for free just to support the issue of partially blank ballots is anyone’s guess, but fans of the show surely appreciate her efforts … We suppose her sister appreciates it, too, since she is about to become the most famous judicial candidate in America.”

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