Missouri State U. Misspells Own Name on Bags for Students

It’s not uncommon for a university to suffer the indignity of an embarrassing typo. But for Missouri State University’s bookstore, a recent bite from the typo bug might be more painful than most: After all, this is the same bookstore whose director resigned last summer after officials discovered $81,000 in cash in his desk drawer.

A month before the director left, bookstore employees approved a logo design that would be used on free canvas book bags for students. But as the Springfield News-Leader reports, the bags ended up emblazoned with the misspelling “univeristy”:

MSU spent $70,844 for 17,800 book bags, at a cost of $3.98 per bag. About 6,000 were handed out last month, with an additional 2,500 destroyed. Half of the bags will have the right spelling and will be given out in August.

“It will be correct in how we spell the place where we work,” said Earle Doman, MSU vice president of student affairs.

The university has no recourse to recoup any part of the cost because, first, the original artwork for the bag, submitted by MSU, had the word misspelled and, second, MSU later approved a proof of the artwork sent by the vendor, which contained the misspelling.

A customer brought the mistake to the attention of bookstore employees after a few hundred bags had been handed out, but staff members continued to distribute them anyway, without consulting management. Had the university known of the mistake, management would have come up with an alternative, such as using plastic bags, one campus official told the newspaper. That’s because, as he put it, “It is just not worth it.”

[Image via Missouri State University's Reddit community]

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