Montana State U. Investigation Says Professor Sexually Harassed Student

A Montana State University at Bozeman investigation has concluded that the acclaimed conductor of its orchestra, Shuichi Komiyama, a 47-year-old tenured professor, had a sexual relationship with a female student that violated gender-bias and sex-harassment policies, according to The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. But Mr. Komiyama, who has strenuously denied all the allegations, remains suspended from his academic duties and a Montana State official would not say if the university had taken steps to revoke Mr. Komiyama’s tenure or fire him.

The newspaper, which earlier revealed that the professor had pleaded guilty to a sex offense when he was 25, learned of the university’s findings when it received a copy of the investigative report from the female student’s lawyer. The report says the student, who is not named, felt she had to comply with Mr. Komiyama’s advances because she needed his help in succeeding in her studies and getting into graduate school.

According to the newspaper, the report also says “a preponderance of evidence”—including corroboration by other students and faculty members—supports the female student’s allegations. Mr. Komiyama’s lawyer described the allegations as “probably a case of hurt feelings that unfortunately is being turned into something else. These are complicated relationships, particularly in the arts.”

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