Museum Cancels Troy U. Faculty Art Show Over Images Called Offensive

An art show at an Alabama museum that was meant to feature the work of Troy University faculty members has been called off after the museum’s board deemed some of the images submitted by one of the artists to be offensive.

According to The Daily Home, a Talladega newspaper, nine artists had contributed pieces to the show, which was given the theme “A Sense of Place.” A Troy art professor submitted pieces that were designed to comment on the state’s controversial anti-immigration law. One showed relabeled containers of a cleaning product with swastikas on the tops of the cans.

“We wanted to take that one out, and they got into a huff and said we had to show the whole thing or none of it,” the museum board’s president told the newspaper. “We had seven people unloading them, and they were all offended.”

The professor who submitted the controversial piece said faculty members had agreed to withdraw the whole show “in solidarity,” and added that it was “unfortunate” that the board found the work offensive. He called the immigration law itself offensive, and said that “preventing an artist from presenting his work by stifling and censorship is offensive, archaic, and barbaric.”

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