New York Community-College President May Be Ousted After Victim-Blaming Remarks

The Niagara County Community College’s Board of Trustees is expected to vote on Wednesday on the future of the New York college’s president, James Klyczek, who was allegedly recorded making disparaging remarks about a sexual-assault case on the campus.

Mr. Klyczek’s job status will probably be determined during a vote this evening, reports WKBW in Buffalo, N.Y. Last week a recording surfaced that was said to be of Mr. Klyczek criticizing the victim of a campus sexual assault last summer.

“What is she, stupid?” Mr. Klyczek is reported to have said. “I mean, no, seriously. This just aggravates me. Make us the guilty party because you’re too stupid to follow your instinct. … Her daughter should be worried, because if she’s got her mother’s genes, she’s dumber than a doorknob.”

The news sparked an outcry from faculty members and students, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has called for an investigation of the comments. WKBW also reports that the college’s Faculty Senate is calling for Mr. Klyczek’s ouster, as is a county legislator. Wednesday’s vote is expected at 5:30 p.m.

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