NLRB Clears the Way for Resident Advisers to Unionize

In an unprecedented decision, the National Labor Relations Board has held that undergraduate resident advisers are eligible to unionize, in a case involving George Washington University.

For more on the decision, as well as reaction and analysis, see this new article from The Chronicle.

In a decision handed down on Friday, Sean R. Marshall, acting regional director at the NLRB’s Baltimore office, accepted the labor organizers’ argument that the resident advisers are technically university employees because they receive compensation in the form of a stipend and free housing. He also held that a recent NLRB decision clearing the way for the unionization of graduate assistants applies to resident advisers as well.

Unless reversed on appeal, the decision will allow the university’s more than 100 resident advisers to vote on whether to form a collective-bargaining unit affiliated with the Service Employees International Union.

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