Northern Illinois U. Police Chief Is Fired

Northern Illinois University fired its police chief, Donald Grady, on Tuesday, three months after he was put on leave pending an investigation of his department’s alleged misconduct in a high-profile rape case, and five months after he asked the FBI for help investigating university finances, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Mr. Grady had been suspended in November after a state judge accused his department of withholding evidence in a criminal case involving a former officer, Andrew Rifkin, who was accused of raping a student. The missing evidence could have cleared Mr. Rifkin, the judge said, and prosecutors subsequently dropped the charges against him.

Michael Fox, a lawyer for Mr. Grady, told the Tribune on Tuesday that the former chief would appeal his dismissal. “I believe there may be other motives in operation here in regards to Chief Grady’s dismissal,” the lawyer said.

The university said Mr. Grady was fired after a review of the rape case and police records, as well as an administrative hearing.

Earlier in his career at Northern Illinois, Mr. Grady had won high praise for his department’s emergency planning and swift response to a mass shooting on the campus, in 2008.

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