Northern Illinois U. Suspends Police Chief Over Withheld Evidence

Northern Illinois University has put its police chief, Donald Grady, on leave and intends to fire another officer, Kartik Ramakrishnan, in the wake of a court hearing in which the judge said the two officers had withheld evidence in the case of a colleague, Andrew Rifkin, who was accused of raping a student. According to reports by the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Chronicle, in DeKalb, Ill., Chief Grady and Officer Ramakrishnan interviewed two friends of the accuser shortly after the alleged rape, and the friends both provided statements saying that the woman making the accusation had had a consensual relationship with Officer Rifkin. The university’s president, John Peters, said in a written statement that the judge’s findings had “called into question the integrity of the criminal investigatory process, and we cannot under any circumstances tolerate such clear breaches of contracts, authority, and responsibility.”

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