Notre Dame Football Players Are Questioned in Academic-Fraud Inquiry

The University of Notre Dame said Friday that it had begun an investigation into suspected academic fraud involving several students, including four members of its football team.

Notre Dame officials said that a member of the university’s academic staff had raised suspicions that students had submitted papers and homework that were written for them by others. Notre Dame said it had informed the NCAA because of potential rules violations, and said the four players would be held out of practices and games until the inquiry and the university’s honor-code proceedings were completed.

The university did not initially name the players being investigated, but they were identified by Yahoo Sports and Fox Sports, which reported the news on Friday before Notre Dame’s announcement. The news outlets identified the players as DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, KeiVarae Russell, and Ishaq Williams. Jack Swarbrick, the university’s athletic director, confirmed the players’ identities at a news conference on Friday evening.

Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John I. Jenkins, said at the news conference that no one involved in the investigation had yet been found responsible for academic fraud or dismissed from the university.

“We are committed to taking strong action and to using this experience to reinforce among our students the importance of honesty in all they do,” Father Jenkins said at the news conference.

Mr. Swarbrick said the players under investigation remained students at the university, and Notre Dame said they would remain enrolled until the inquiry was concluded.

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