Ohio State Is Investigating Possible Scientific Misconduct by Prolific Professor

Ohio State University has begun an independent review of its handling of ethics complaints against one of its most prolific scientists, according to The New York Times.

Several misconduct allegations have been made in recent years against Carlo Croce, chairman of the department of cancer biology and genetics. In 2014, the Times says, a Purdue University virologist reported claims of falsified data and plagiarism to journals where Dr. Croce’s work had appeared. Several medical journals have posted notices of problems, at a “quickening pace,” alongside his papers.

Ohio State officials said they were unaware of the 2014 allegations until asked about them by reporters. Dr. Croce has received more than $80 million in grants as a principal investigator at the university. The officials added that their decision to review the cases that were previously brought against Dr. Croce was “not an indication” that Ohio State had “discovered any evidence of scientific misconduct or other issues raised” by the Times.

“It is true that errors sometimes occur in the preparation of figures for publication,” Dr. Croce said in a written statement, adding that any mistakes were “honest errors.” He also condemned plagiarism.

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