Painting of Confederate Flag Pulled From Display at State College in Georgia

Gainesville State College has removed from public view an adjunct art professor’s painting, “Heritage?,” that was deemed too controversial because of its use of the Confederate battle flag to make a point about differing reactions to the heritage it connotes, including slavery, states’ rights, and battlefield heroism. According to The Gainesville Times, a local newspaper in Oakwood, Ga., the college, 50 miles northeast of Atlanta, received complaints when the painting went up in a show of faculty art. The seven-foot-wide artwork shows, superimposed on an image of the flag, scenes of a lynching and of a hooded Ku Klux Klansman carrying a torch. The artist, Stanley Bermudez, said he respected the college’s decision even though he disagreed with it. “If I was in that kind of position,” he told the newspaper, “I’d have a difficult time making a decision because it’s a hard one to make.”

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