Philosophy Student at Colorado Stumbles in Gray Area Between Sexism and Satire

A senior majoring in philosophy and psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder has resigned as diversity director of its student government after being challenged about blog posts that he called satirical but critics said were sexist, The Daily Camera, a local newspaper, reported. Among other observations made by the student, Matthew Cucchiaro, on a blog called was that “women are not as smart as men.” He qualified his comments, however, noting that “I’m sure there are a couple of heffers in congress or the senate who are about on par with the average male. Also, that Asian character on Grey’s Anatomy knows some big words but she obviously doesn’t count because, well, she’s Asian.” Mr. Cucchiaro, who wrote all the posts before he worked in the student government, said they were clearly satirical, but he agreed to resign when asked by other student-government leaders. (This item was updated on March 21 to reflect a correction in the source article.)

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