President Says Someone in Huntsville Faculty Meeting Took ‘Heroic Actions’ in Attempt to Disarm Shooter

By Robin Wilson

Huntsville, Ala.–David Williams, president of the University of Alabama’s campus here, told an overflow crowd gathered at a campus prayer service this afternoon that people who were in the room when Amy Bishop is alleged to have shot her colleagues took “heroic actions” and “attempted to disarm their assailant.”

Mr. Williams said those who tried to stop Ms. Bishop “saved their colleagues and friends from further harm.”

In an interview after the service, Mr. Williams said he was referring to a single person who he said had tried to intervene to stop the shooting. But he said that person did not want to be named.

Mr. Williams told The Chronicle he couldn’t talk about the shootings because the matter is “under legal review.” He did say, though, that professors from across the University of Alabama system have offered to teach classes so that students in Huntsville’s biology department can get the courses they need to graduate on time.

“The University of Alabama system has come together and the break will be healed,” said Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams started off the prayer service by saying the faculty and staff of his university “have borne a terrible blow.”

“We are all losing sleep and our appetites wondering ‘why’ and knowing the despair that each one of us would feel if we had left our home or dorm Friday morning for a routine day at work or in class, and not known that an evil event would snatch our ability to return safe and whole.”

He added: “This tragic event will forever mark the University of Alabama in Huntsville. But it will not define our university.”

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