Princeton Officials Urge Creating a More Inclusive Campus Culture

A committee at Princeton University assigned to examine the socioeconomic diversity of the student body has released a series of recommendations aimed at making low-income students feel more welcome on the campus.

The committee, made up of five faculty members and six administrators, concluded that high-achieving, low-income students have complete access to Princeton’s academic and extracurricular offerings but can face outsize obstacles to feeling accepted into the campus culture.

Among the group’s recommendations:

  • Change how freshmen are graded in a way that de-emphasizes the grades’ importance.
  • Add socioeconomic diversity to the topics addressed in freshman orientation.
  • When assigning students to residence halls, be more sensitive to socioeconomic diversity.

While Princeton has increased the number of low-income students it has admitted, those students have criticized a campus culture that some have described as tone-deaf to their experiences.

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