Professor at Israeli University Says He Was Fired Over His Political Views

A professor at Ariel University, in Israel, has accused the institution of dismissing him over his political views, Haaretz has reported.

A disciplinary panel said the professor, Amir Hetsroni, was being dismissed for “conduct inappropriate for a member of the faculty.” He had been accused in a complaint of making disparaging comments on his Facebook page about an Internet forum for women who were victims of sexual assault. The newspaper reported in April that the complaint had been withdrawn at the university’s request.

Mr. Hetsroni alleged that he had been fired for his political views. He recently wrote an opinion piece in the newspaper about the conflict in Gaza in which he objected to “undeniable attempts by academic management to prevent students and faculty from speaking their minds” and to punish those who protest against the war.

The university said the disciplinary panel considering the professor’s case had decided to end his employment immediately. The university said he had the right to appeal.

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