Professor Is Punished for Not Assigning Department Chair’s Textbook

An associate professor of mathematics at California State University at Fullerton is fighting the institution’s decision to discipline him for not assigning a textbook that was co-authored by his department chair. The Orange County Register reports that Alain Bourget was reprimanded last year after opting not to use the $180 textbook, against department policies.

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, which was written by the math department’s chair and vice chair, has been used to teach the university’s “Introduction to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations” course for a quarter-century, according to the newspaper.

But Mr. Bourget says he doesn’t like the textbook, and would “feel completely dishonest trying to sell a book I don’t believe in.”

University officials declined to comment to the Register, but the newspaper quoted the university’s letter of reprimand as saying: “You acted contrary to department policy when you did not use the single assigned textbook for MATH 250B sections.”

Of the two textbooks Mr. Bourget chose as replacements, one cost $76 and the other was free.

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