Professor Quits U. of New Mexico Over Its Award to Governor

A faculty member at the University of New Mexico’s law school said she would cut ties with the institution in protest against a decision by its president to honor the governor little more than a week before the election, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

The professor, Maureen A. Sanders, worked full time for 10 years and now teaches as an adjunct faculty member. She is also a longtime donor to the university.

She said she was troubled by President Robert G. Frank’s choice to select Gov. Susana Martinez, a Republican, for a presidential award of distinction so close to the election.

Ms. Sanders said she disagreed with the president that Ms. Martinez has been good for the health of the state’s residents, and said the honor was inappropriate.

Mr. Frank defended his selection of Ms. Martinez, telling the newspaper that his choice was based on what he thought was a “a bold, nonpartisan move on her part to enhance health care for all New Mexicans.” He praised the governor for the creation of a state health-care exchange and expanded access to Medicaid.

Ms. Sanders said she supported Ms. Martinez’s expansion of Medicaid, but she criticized several other policies of the governor.

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