Protesters Shut Down Wisconsin Press Conference of Affirmative-Action Critics

More than 100 protesters on Tuesday stormed a news conference in a Madison, Wis., hotel by a group critical of racial preferences in college admissions, bringing the event to an abrupt halt, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. The Center for Equal Opportunity, which had just released a report alleging severe discrimination against white undergraduate and law-school applicants at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was about 45 minutes into a news conference on its findings when the protesters rushed into the room chanting “power to the people” and “we’re more than our scores.” There were no arrests.

The university has not responded directly to the center’s report, but on Tuesday it issued a statement saying that its admissions systems comply with guidelines handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court and that all students admitted are capable of succeeding academically. A report last year by the Education Trust said the Madison campus had one of the highest gaps in black-white graduation rates of any of the 293 public colleges it examined, with about 81 percent of white students and 58 percent of black students graduating within six years.

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