Purdue and Donor Reach Agreement Over Controversial Plaque

Purdue University and a donor have reached an agreement to avoid a potential First Amendment fight after officials originally refused to install a plaque that referred to God, fearing it could be construed as a government endorsement of religion, the Journal and Courier reported on Thursday.

Purdue and the donor, Michael McCracken, came to an agreement on an amended plaque inscription that includes a sentence specifying that the reference to God is Mr. McCracken’s and not the public university’s.

The original inscription read: “To those who seek to better the world through the understanding of God’s physical laws and innovation of practical solutions. In honor of Dr. William ‘Ed’ and Glenda McCracken.”

The compromise inscription changes the last sentence to: “Dr. Michael and Mrs. Cindy McCracken present this plaque in honor of Dr. William ‘Ed’ and Glenda McCracken and all those similarly inspired to make the world a better place.”

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