‘Reverse Transfer’ Project Aims to Ease the Way to Associate Degrees

A new project from the National Student Clearinghouse will aim to provide an automated way for students who transfer from two-year institutions to four-year institutions to receive associate degrees.

The “reverse transfer” initiative, which is funded by the Lumina Foundation, will create a depository where the four-year college can send a student’s academic data, which can then be downloaded by the two-year college. A student who has acquired enough credits will receive an associate degree.

The clearinghouse will work with colleges in Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin at the start of the project. As many as two million students could be awarded degrees under the program, the organization says.

“The Clearinghouse Reverse Transfer project is a major step in improving higher-education outcomes, which will benefit us as a nation,” Walter G. Bumphus, president of the American Association of Community Colleges, said in a news release. “More students will get the degrees they deserve. Community colleges will be recognized for the value they add to education. And—by granting more degrees—states will be better positioned to attract new business.”

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