Rollins College Student Is Reinstated Following Religious Dispute With Professor

Rollins College has reinstated a student who was suspended following a disagreement with his professor over religious discrimination, the student’s lawyer told the Orlando Sentinel.

Marshall Polston, a Christian student at the small liberal-arts college in Florida, was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing after his Muslim professor made a “protection against stalking” request to the Orange County Circuit Court. News of Mr. Polston’s suspension quickly gained national attention. Grant H. Cornwell, Rollins’s president, told the Sentinel that college officials had received 10,000 emails, “most of which were — I could not repeat because I am a decent person. They were filled with hatred and violent imagery.”

Mr. Polston will return to the college next week, according to his lawyer. The dispute with his Middle Eastern-humanities professor, Areej Zufari, dates back several weeks. The student was alleged to have been disruptive in class to the point that college officials intervened. The suspension followed a recent dispute over a failing grade that Mr. Polston received on a class essay.

Mr. Cornwell declined to discuss the specifics of the case with the newspaper, while Mr. Polston’s lawyer, Kenneth Lewis, called for a “full inquiry” into Ms. Zufari’s actions.

“A student’s freedom of speech and expression are the cornerstones of liberty in a free society,” Mr. Lewis said in a written statement.

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