Salem International Student Faces Charges for Fake-Bomb Stunt in Class

A Salem International University student’s attempt to get creative in his English class went awry when a fake bomb he used during a presentation ended up terrifying his fellow students and disrupting the small West Virginia campus, according to the Associated Press.

A local prosecutor told the AP that the student, Joshua John Richards, had “decided to do a little bit of role playing” during a scheduled class presentation. He said Mr. Richards was apparently acting out a scenario about what someone would do if a neighbor had a bomb. He used a black box with blinking lights to illustrate that concept, but realized his error when some female classmates started crying, according to the AP. He then took the device out to his car and waited for the authorities to arrive.

The prosecutor said Mr. Richards would be charged with the manufacture and possession of a hoax bomb, a misdemeanor that carries a possible penalty of six months to a year in prison.

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