Sally Stroup Is Named to Key Post in Group Representing For-Profit Colleges

The for-profit college industry’s chief trade organization on Thursday named Sally L. Stroup, a well-connected former Washington insider, its new executive vice president for government affairs and legal counsel.

Ms. Stroup is a former U.S. assistant secretary for postsecondary education in the George W. Bush administration, a veteran Republican staff member for Congressional committees on higher education, and a former Washington lobbyist for the University of Phoenix. She will replace Brian Moran at the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, who will resign later this month.

For the past three years Ms. Stroup has worked as a senior vice president of the education testing company Scantron, but the association will likely draw heavily on her Capitol Hill savvy over the next couple of years as Congress debates a major review of the laws governing federal student aid and other higher-education policies. Under its new president, Steve Gunderson, a former Congressman, the association has made it clear it intends to be an active player in those debates.

The appointment also suggests a political shift: Mr. Moran, like his former boss at the association, Harris N. Miller, are Democrats. Mr. Gunderson and Ms. Stroup are Republicans.

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