San Jose State U. Expels 3 Students for Racially Harassing Freshman

San Jose State University has expelled three white students who were charged with bullying a black freshman with racial epithets and displays, the San Jose Mercury News reported. A fourth student’s suspension was extended, and he was ordered to attend counseling. The three expelled students are barred for life from attending any California State University campus.

The four were suspended last fall pending the resolution of criminal and university disciplinary proceedings against them for reportedly harassing a black suitemate. They are accused of intimidating him by hanging a Confederate flag in the suite; dubbing him “three-fifth” or “fraction,” for the way the U.S. Census once counted African-Americans as less than a person; and putting a bicycle lock around his neck. The accused say their actions were meant as jokes and were not hate crimes.

An independent investigation in February found the university had done everything it could once the harassment surfaced.

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