Science Foundation Finds No Misconduct by Climate Researcher

The inspector general’s office at the National Science Foundation has found no evidence to support scientific-misconduct and other allegations against Michael E. Mann, the Pennsylvania State University climate researcher whose oft-investigated findings have led to a hot political debate over global warming. In a “closeout memorandum” released without fanfare last week, the agency said it could find no indication that Mr. Mann had “falsified or fabricated any data and no evidence that his actions amounted to research misconduct.” It noted that there had been “several concerns raised about the quality of the statistical analysis techniques” he used, but concluded: “These concerns are all appropriate for scientific debate and to assist the research community in directing future research efforts to improve understanding in this field of research. Such scientific debate is ongoing but does not, in itself, constitute evidence of research misconduct.” The memo comes as Virginia’s attorney general and conservative groups continue separate efforts to force the University of Virginia, Mr. Mann’s former employer, to release more than a decade’s worth of Mr. Mann’s e-mails to other researchers, graduate students, faculty colleagues, and others.

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