Scientist Linked to a Research Scandal in Japan Is Found Dead

Yoshiki Sasai, a senior official at a Japanese research center who was a co-author of two disputed papers on stem cells, was found dead on Tuesday of an apparent suicide, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Mr. Sasai was deputy director of the Riken Center for Developmental Biology, which publicly shamed the papers’ lead author, Haruko Obokata, accusing her of fabricating data, doctoring images, and plagiarism. Ms. Obokata, who has admitted mistakes but not ill intent, is fighting the allegations against her.

Mr. Sasai was Ms. Obokata’s supervisor, but after the problems were exposed, he distanced himself from her research. The Japanese news media have focused on his role in the scandal.

Mr. Sasai was found by a security guard on Tuesday morning in a building near the Riken center, the Journal reported, and an apparent suicide note was found on his secretary’s desk.

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