Senate Democrats Urge U.S. to Block New Enrollments at Corinthian

Twelve Senate Democrats on Thursday urged the Education Department to stop Corinthian Colleges Inc., the for-profit educator that recently said it would sell or close its campuses amid a financial crisis, from enrolling new students.

In a letter to the education secretary, Arne Duncan, the 12 lawmakers—who include Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, chairman of the Senate education committee—asked a series of questions. Among them were when Corinthian would designate which campuses it intended to sell or close, and whether students on those campuses would have the option to reject a planned “teach out” in favor of what is known as a closed-school discharge of their federal student loans.

Corinthian said last week that it might be unable to continue operating after the Education Department imposed financial restrictions that limited its access to disbursements of federal funds.

Kent Jenkins Jr., a Corinthian spokesman, told Bloomberg that the company did not have an immediate comment on the senators’ letter.

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