Seton Hall U. Considers Canceling Class on Gay Marriage That Archbishop Criticized

Seton Hall University, a Roman Catholic institution in New Jersey, is debating whether to cancel a course on gay marriage after the archbishop of Newark, John J. Myers, said it would conflict with church teachings, The Star-Ledger reported. The archbishop serves as chairman of Seton Hall’s Board of Trustees and is president of its Board of Regents, the governing body that oversees academic issues. W. King Mott, the associate professor of political science who was scheduled to teach the class next fall, told the campus newspaper, The Setonian, that the course “is not about advocacy, but about studying the issue from an academic perspective.” Mr. Mott is a former associate dean of the university’s College of Arts and Sciences who was demoted in 2005 after he wrote a letter to the newspaper criticizing church views on homosexuality.

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