Stanford Bans Hard Liquor From Undergraduate Parties

Stanford University has banned hard liquor from all campus parties except those attended exclusively by graduate students, according to a news release issued on Monday. Distilled liquor, spirits, and hard alcohol in containers 750 milliliters and larger will also be prohibited from undergraduate residences. Students who are 21 and over may store such alcohol in quantities less than 750 milliliters in the original containers.

The policy changes were a direct outgrowth of conversations that students and faculty and staff members have been holding since March about Stanford’s alcohol culture, according to the release.

In a letter about the updated policy, Greg Boardman, vice provost for student affairs, wrote that he hopes students do not view the new rules as something to work around. Rather, people at Stanford must “create a campus community that allows for alcohol to be a part of the social lives of some of our students, but not to define the social and communal lives of all of our students.”

The new policy echoes a similar move last year in which Dartmouth College banned hard liquor from campus parties as part of a broader attempt to combat abusive drinking and sexual violence.

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