Stanford U. Says Lawyer Was Not Dismissed Over Criticism

Responding to several news articles about Stanford University’s Title IX cases, the university released a Q&A with Lauren Schoenthaler, senior associate vice provost, about the adjudication process.

On February 9, The New York Times reported that Stanford had dismissed Crystal Riggins, a lawyer who had been hired to help students while they pursued sexual-assault complaints. The Times reported that Ms. Riggins had been fired for criticizing the university’s adjudication process to the newspaper.

Ms. Riggins was one of a group of lawyers hired by Stanford to support or advise students while they went through the college’s adjudication process for sexual-assault cases.

“She was not invited to continue as one of the referral attorneys in the pilot process, because of her fatalistic attitude that she could not get good results for her clients in the process, which is not fair to our students,” Ms. Schoenthaler said in the university Q&A. “To the extent that email excerpts provided to The New York Times suggest that the decision involved anything other than complainants’ best interests, that is a function of my less-than-artful drafting of the email.”

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