Students Were Mad Their College Banned Yik Yak. So They Went on Yik Yak.

A campuswide ban on the social-media app Yik Yak isn’t stopping students at Illinois College from using it.

Responding to student requests, the college’s president, Barbara Farley, last month blocked Yik Yak access on the campus wireless network. Racist items on the app, which allows users to post anonymously, have prompted students across the country to make similar requests.

In an email to the campus quoted by The Journal-Courier, Ms. Farley said that certain posts “do not meet” the college’s standards, and that they “can be categorized as bullying, hateful, intolerant, harassing, or threatening.”

But students can still access the app on their phones through their network data plans.

In recent weeks, students have littered the Illinois College’s Yik Yak feed with references to the policy change ranging from criticism to jokes about the ban’s obvious loopholes. “Lol good one babs,” one user wrote:


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