Study Finds Few Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders Among College Leaders

Though Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders occupy a higher percentage of full-time, tenured faculty positions than do other racial-minority groups, they represent a small percentage of the top leadership positions in higher education, according to a report released on Wednesday by the American Council on Education.

According to the council’s data, 1.5 percent of college and university presidents are Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. Though that group accounts for 7 percent of full-time, tenured faculty members, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders make up just 2 percent of chief academic officers and 3 percent of academic deans.

An ACE panel of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders who lead colleges identified several barriers that prevent their peers from advancing to leadership positions, including struggles against racial bias, a lack of mentoring, and stereotypes. The full report is available on the council’s Web site.

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