Suspended Professor Sues Marquette U. for Breach of Contract

A political-science professor at Marquette University who was suspended in January is suing the institution, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

In the lawsuit, John McAdams, an associate professor of political science, accuses Marquette of breach of contract, according to the newspaper. The suit, filed on behalf of Mr. McAdams by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, also asserts that the university illegally suspended him after he published a controversial blog post on free speech.

Mr. McAdams was suspended after he reprimanded a teaching assistant on his personal blog over her handling of a student who had sought to speak out against gay marriage during an ethics-class discussion. In his post, Mr. McAdams criticized the teaching assistant for limiting free speech on gay marriage.

In March the president of the Roman Catholic university, Michael R. Lovell, suspended Mr. McAdams through the fall-2016 semester with a stipulation that, to be reinstated, he must admit it was wrong to attack the TA on his blog. Mr. McAdams has refused to apologize, and insists he did nothing wrong.

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