Syracuse Professor Apologizes for Rejecting Film on Israeli Settlers

A Syracuse University professor has issued an apology for rejecting a film about Israeli settlers on the West Bank for a conference on her campus, reported.

Gail Hamner, a religion professor, emailed another conference organizer to say she didn’t think the university should show the documentary because it would spark protest from Palestinian groups.

That and other emails prompted The Atlantic to publish an article, “How Political Correctness Chills Speech on Campus.”

After the article was published, Ms. Hamner said in her apology that she feared controversy and lacked experience in planning conferences.

In an email to the campus on Friday, Syracuse’s provost and vice chancellor, Michele Wheatly, wrote that Ms. Hamner’s decision to not show the film did not jibe with university policies.

Ms. Wheatly also said that she would try to arrange for a screening of the film on the campus.

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