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Boston College Tells Students to Stop Distributing Condoms

Boston College officials have threatened to take disciplinary action against students who distribute free condoms through a campus network of dormitory rooms and other locations, saying that the practice contradicts the institution’s Jesuit mission, according to The Boston Globe.

In a letter this month, campus officials demanded an end to student-run “Safe Sites,” where contraceptives and safe-sex information are distributed. The letter, signed by the college’s dean of students and its dir…


Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Boston College’s Release of IRA Interviews

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday granted another stay temporarily preventing Boston College from releasing to British authorities interviews that academic researchers conducted with a former member of the Irish Republican Army. Justice Steven G. Breyer issued the order after granting an initial delay earlier this month. A previous decision by a lower court had required the college to release the records. The new stay will end on November 16 if the researchers involved in the so-called Belfast…


Merrimack College Will Create 6 Women’s Teams to Settle Title IX Complaint

Merrimack College, a Division II institution in Massachusetts, has settled a gender-discrimination complaint against its athletics department by agreeing to create six women’s teams, including an ice-hockey squad that will compete at the Division I level. The new teams will increase the number of athletic opportunities for women by more than 80, making the share of female athletes “substantially proportional” to the percentage of women in the student body—a key measure of compliance with feder…


U.S. Supreme Court Delays Boston College’s Release of IRA Records

Following a federal appeals court’s decision in July to uphold a ruling requiring Boston College to release to British authorities confidential interviews with former members of the Irish Republican Army, Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday granted a temporary stay that delays the release of some of those interviews.

In a news release, Ed Moloney, one of the researchers involved in the so-called Belfast Project, said the stay would remain in place until October 11, when…