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Harvard Acted in ‘Good Faith’ on Secret E-Mail Searches, Report Says

A lawyer hired by Harvard University to review its secret searches of the e-mail accounts of resident deans in an effort to find the source of a leak to the news media has concluded that the searches were conducted “in good faith,” according to The Boston Globe.

The university on Monday released a report on the findings of Michael B. Keating, the lawyer it had hired to conduct the review. In authorizing the searches, Harvard officials were trying to find out how information about a high-profile …


Harvard’s E-Mail Searches Went Further Than Previously Reported

Harvard University officials disclosed on Tuesday that secret searches of e-mail accounts following a cheating scandal were more extensive than previously acknowledged, according to reports by The Boston Globe and Harvard Magazine.

The new revelations came during a tense meeting of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Tuesday afternoon. Harvard had previously acknowledged conducting subject-line searches of the administrative e-mail accounts of 16 “resident deans,” who live in undergraduate…


Harvard Explains Its Search of Deans’ E-Mails in Cheating Case

Two top Harvard University officials on Monday explained the details of an effort to search the e-mail accounts of 16 resident deans in order to identify the source of a leak about a cheating scandal that became public last fall, The Boston Globe reported.

The leaked e-mail contained information from Harvard’s Administrative Board, which investigated the cheating allegations, and eventually made its way to the news media. Some Harvard faculty members criticized the university’s administration …


Court Won’t Let Terrorism Victims Claim Persian Artifacts From Harvard

A federal appeals court has ruled that victims of a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem who won a judgment against Iran for the country’s role in the attack cannot seize artifacts at Harvard University that they had claimed were owed to them as compensation, essentially agreeing with a lower court’s 2011 ruling in the matter.

In an opinion handed down on Wednesday, a unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that the plaintiffs had “failed to demonstrate…


Most Students in Harvard Cheating Scandal Were Forced to Withdraw

A top Harvard University official said on Friday that more than half of the students who had been investigated by an administrative board in connection with a highly publicized cheating scandal last fall had been forced to withdraw from the institution for a period of time, according to The Boston Globe. The university had previously acknowledged that the cheating, which implicated some 125 Harvard students, occurred during the final examination in a government course. The allegations focused on…


It’s a Fake, Says Vatican of Harvard Scholar’s Papyrus Citing Jesus’ Wife

Since Karen L. King announced her discovery of an ancient scrap of Egyptian papyrus that she claims mentions Jesus’ wife, some Coptic scholars have cast doubt on its authenticity. Now, after 10 days, the Vatican has added its voice to the skeptics’. The New York Times reports that the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an editorial on Friday calling the Harvard scholar’s discovery “a fake.”

Ms. King did not claim that the text proves Jesus was married, but she did sugg…


Harvard Professor Finds Scrap of Papyrus Suggesting Jesus Was Married

Karen L. King, a historian of early Christianity at Harvard University’s divinity school, has identified a scrap of fourth-century Egyptian papyrus that contains a reference to Jesus’ wife. The document, if authentic, could show that some early Christians believed Jesus was married, The Boston Globe reports. The fragment is smaller than a business card and appears to have been torn from the pages of a primitive book. Ms. King emphasized that the piece of papyrus—which she calls “The Gospel o…


What They’re Saying About the Harvard Cheating Scandal

Since the news of a possible cheating scandal involving dozens of students at Harvard University broke last week, some of the students have tried to defend themselves in the media. Here’s a glimpse of how their efforts are shaking out so far.


Harvard Investigates Dozens of Students for Cheating on Final Exam

Harvard University is investigating roughly half the students in a class of more than 250 for possibly collaborating to cheat on a take-home final examination, according to The Boston Globe. Independent groups of students may have worked together on short questions and an essay assignment, thereby violating a rule that was printed on the exam, the newspaper reported. Jay M. Harris, the university’s dean of undergraduate education, said some students had submitted work that was either identical…


Agriculture Department Cites Harvard in Deaths of Lab Mice

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited Harvard University in the deaths of 41 mice at a university research lab, reports The Boston Globe. The warning, which is considered an enforcement action, carries no fine or penalty. Animal research at Harvard came under scrutiny as a result of the deaths of several monkeys at the university’s primate facility. But a spokesman for the department said the case of the mice was “totally unrelated” to that of the monkeys. The management and staff o…