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UVa Board Rector Fires Back at Faculty Critics

Helen E. Dragas, rector of the University of Virginia’s governing board, responded on Tuesday to faculty leaders who had criticized her reported conduct after a newspaper article suggested lingering friction between her and the university’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan. The apparent tension surfaced last week after The Washington Post published the text of an e-mail message in which Ms. Sullivan protested a list of 65 performance goals, 22 of them new, that Ms. Dragas sent the president in Febr…


‘Washington Post’ Calls UVa President’s Ouster One of the ‘Worst Ideas of 2012′

There are still three months left in the year, but The Washington Post has already published a roundup of the 10 ideas in 2012 that led to the most “anger, embarrassment, and humiliation.” Included: Mitt Romney’s 47-percent remark, Apple’s maps fiasco, the NFL’s referee lockout, and the ouster of Teresa A. Sullivan as the University of Virginia’s president, which ranks fifth. The Post writes:

Machiavelli might have taught a few tricks to Helen Dragas, the University of Virginia rector who quietl…


The Newest Approach to Admissions: Reality TV

Is your college looking to recruit more international students? The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai wants to help. According to its Web site, the consulate seeks three American colleges to participate in a TV show “promoting U.S. undergraduate educational opportunities for Indian students.” The program is expected to reach more than 25 million viewers. The lucky colleges will get to play host to two visiting students and show off their campuses, their courses, and their landscaping to millions of prosp…


(Still) Unpacking What Happened at UVa

Months after the ouster and reinstatement of Teresa A. Sullivan, details continue to emerge about how and why the University of Virginia’s popular president was briefly pushed aside. Some new tidbits: