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Canadian Job Ads Baffle Hipster and Non-Hipster Students Alike

The British Columbia government, in an effort to increase the number of young applicants for skilled-trade jobs in the Canadian province, shot a little wide of the mark with a series of ads on Vancouver buses that have students more bemused than excited.

The campaign, which features gentle mockery of ski bums, hipsters, and gold diggers, and then directs viewers to a job-posting Web site, is intended to deal with a major labor shortage. Canadian Business reports that as many as 430,000 skilled-…


The Newest Approach to Admissions: Reality TV

Is your college looking to recruit more international students? The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai wants to help. According to its Web site, the consulate seeks three American colleges to participate in a TV show “promoting U.S. undergraduate educational opportunities for Indian students.” The program is expected to reach more than 25 million viewers. The lucky colleges will get to play host to two visiting students and show off their campuses, their courses, and their landscaping to millions of prosp…