Texas Planners Advise Against Opening New Medical Schools for Now

Texas universities should not establish any new medical schools until the number of first-year residency positions in teaching hospitals exceeds the number of medical-school graduates by 10 percent, says a draft report from the state’s higher-education coordinating board. The ratio of first-year residency slots to medical-school graduates is now about one to one, The Texas Tribune reports, but the number of medical-school graduates is projected to increase in the coming years, while the number of residency slots is not.

The draft report is likely to add to questions that have dogged the University of Texas system’s plans to open new medical schools in Austin and South Texas. It also highlights concerns that have been raised by national medical associations over a projected shortage of doctors and potential cuts in federal support for residency training slots. The Texas board’s Task Force on Graduate Health Professions is scheduled to discuss the draft report at a meeting in Austin next week.

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