To Remedy Inequities, U. of Northern Iowa Gives Raises to 51 Faculty Members

The University of Northern Iowa will raise the salaries of 51 faculty members in order to correct pay inequities, under an agreement reached by administrators and the faculty union, The Gazette reported on Friday.

In the fall of 2014, the union and the university began working together to identify possible inequalities in faculty salaries. Originally, the salaries of 81 faculty members were under review. But a further analysis determined that there were 51 faculty members who had been paid less than peers who had similar qualifications. Thirty-six of the faculty members are women. Over all, 78 percent of them are either women or members of racial or ethnic minority groups.

The agreement will give a total of $155,064 annually to those faculty members, for an average of a little more than $3,000 per employee.

“Outside of contract negotiations, this is the most important labor-management agreement in the history of UNI,” Joe Gorton, the faculty union’s president, told the newspaper.

Jim Wohlpart, Northern Iowa’s interim president, said in a news release that the university was “deeply appreciative” of the work with the union “to investigate and resolve an important issue.”

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