U. of Iowa Faculty Censures New President Over Résumé Inaccuracies

Faculty members in the University of Iowa’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences voted unanimously on Wednesday to censure the newly appointed president, J. Bruce Harreld, for inaccuracies on his résumé, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. The vote is the latest episode of faculty disapproval aimed at the choice of the former business executive, who was tapped this month to lead the university by the state’s Board of Regents.

The inaccuracies, which Mr. Harreld acknowledged in a public forum when he visited the campus as a candidate, included the listing of a company that no longer exists. In the publication-history section of his résumé, Mr. Harreld also did not note that on most of the 12 papers he was a co-author.

“This is not a call for any action,” one member of the Faculty Assembly, Bob McMurray, told the Press-Citizen. “This is not saying that we will not support President Harreld.” He added: “But it is a statement that we expect people to behave with intellectual honesty.”

The Board of Regents declined to comment to the newspaper on the censure. “We’re not concerned about the résumé,” a board spokesman, Josh Lehman, told the Press-Citizen.

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