U. of Iowa Settles Lawsuit Alleging Professor Sought Sexual Favors for Grades

The University of Iowa has reached an undisclosed financial settlement with a former student who filed a lawsuit after accusing a political-science professor of offering her an A in return for allowing him to fondle her breasts, the Associated Press reports. The student complied with the request and then complained to the university. Three other students later leveled similar complaints. The professor, Arthur H. Miller, a noted political scientist, committed suicide in 2008 after the police arrested him on charges of soliciting sex for grades, a felony. The former student whom the university settled with asserted that it had failed to deal with her complaint quickly enough, leaving time for Mr. Miller to allegedly make the same request of other female students.

Update (5:29 p.m.): The AP is now reporting that, after a lawyer for the university dropped a confidentiality requirement, the former student’s lawyer was able to disclose that her client had received a $130,000 payment for damages and legal fees.

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